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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 6, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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thanks for joining us, happy wednesday to you, i'm maria bartiromo and it is wednesday november 6th, top stories before 6:00 a.m., admitting bad judgment, investment in start-up, we are taking a look at what else they are looking in. a look at possible deal between xerox and hp coming up. investors waiting on any trade developments, futures searching for direction this morning as dow and nasdaq closed at record high yesterday markets are flat right now, 2020 is in focus, joe biden goes after senator elizabeth warren, why he's calling her an elitist and what it means for heated primary battle. mornings with maria begins right now.
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♪ ♪ maria: big show this morning, fox business dagen mcdowell, former nfl jack brewer, former ceo of home depot, former ceo of chrysler, bob nardlli in the house. the race in kentucky, dagen, still too close to call. dagen: right, people are going to if matt bevin is declared the loser, current republican governor there against his attorney general, democratic attorney general andy bashear, if he's declared the loser, after, it's a referendum on president trump, no, matt bevin was not liked in the state, again, who is a long-time democratic operative texted me
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in the middle of the night, just remind people that politics is local, this is a very local issue and we can move on and talk about virginia because, again, both the house and delegates in the state of virginia are now both blue but if you dig in the numbers it wasn't quite the loss for the republicans there that people might expect. maria: all of the key elections held across the country, that's going to make people start talk about what it means for 2020, most of the results are in, republicans are retaining control of the governor's mansion in mississippi, democrats won both houses in virginia and the virginia legislature but the governor's race in kentucky is still too close to call, incumbent republican matt bevin refusing to concede as andy bashear claims victory. >> i haven't had an opportunity to speak to governor bevin, but my expectation is that he will honor the election that was held
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tonight. >> this is a close, close race, we are not conceding this race by any stretch. [cheers and applause] maria: wow, so obviously the conversation has already started as you just noted dagen and what this means with president trump and proxy on that but he's not conceding yet. dagen: not conceding yet. trying to tie opponent to national democrats leading impeachment process, that clearly wasn't a super winner for him, let me just explain, bevins's problems were not the economy, the resurgence economy in kentucky was hot point, 93,000 jobs added, giant disaster among with teachers and the state when he tried to changed teacher pension, teacher's retirement board, what happened, bevin accused of
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teachers putting kids in harm's way despite no evidence of physically hurt, great story in wall street journal not long ago and that blew up in his face, he later apologized for the remarks but in the last debate i think he said, i don't regret saying anything about educators, he was suffering among women, he was suffering among independents, i don't think that if he does indeed lose or concede, i don't think that this would be a surprise but president trump was in kentucky campaigning for bevin in that rally that he had earlier this week and it did not pull him over the line, so unliked an wasn't enough for president trump to beat state of kentucky, virginia is a different story. >> bashear is popular, not your typical democrat, not typical democrat that's pushing -- maria: moderate.
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>> moderate democrat, he has a good reputation in the state from everyone that i've spoken with. they weren't surprised that he won, i don't think that this has any reflection on the trump administration right now. but i do think the folks there really stood behind those teachers, like dagen referenced. >> yeah, what's amazing, prior administration presidents would not have gone into a state where there was a chance of losing and to dagen's point be associated and this is a brave president who is fearless and goes into those places and does everything he can to help the party, i give him a lot of credit. maria: we will take a look at what happened as i mentioned he's still not conceding, so we will look. dagen: i wanted to mention virginia, virginia for the first time in quarter of a century house of delegates and senate are now in democratic hands together, so it's a very blue state, worth noting that hillary clinton won that state despite losing the presidential election, barack obama won
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virginia in both 2008 and 2012. it's blue, people know that who live in the state of virginia, it's not that big of a surprise but could have been worse, republicans lost control of the senate and the state, but they managed to win all of the four closest races, this is a dave who works for nonpartisan cook political report, also in terms of the house speaker, the virginia house speaker cox republican survived in redrawn clinton seat 52-47e exclamation point for the dems but again this is what's happened to states in the south when you get, again, northern virginia, the tide water area, it's eastern virginia, it is blue, dark, dark blue and you have people moving into the states, it will happen with north carolina and we are watching texas which is becoming more
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purple. maria: voting blue and turning the state. dagen: watch the state, tighten gun ownership, try to raise minimum wage and the governor, northah who is governor of the state, with the black-face issue, scandal, he's still there, he has 2 more years before he has to rerun. maria: let's move onto softbank, big loss, taking hit on wework, his investment judgment in wework was really bad, quote, unquote, $7 billion on investment, bob nardelli, you see a firm that has been very successful up until now, people had real confidence that this guy knew what he was doing in terms of identifying growth stories. >> what i had heard some sources is that he made a very quick decision spent 30, 45 minutes and decided he would put a couple of billion dollars now,
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one of the things that i've always learned through business success complacency, shakes the confidence in softbank to make such a big investment and not have control over the investment over the last couple of years, i mean, this didn't happen overnight, right, we saw deterioration in weworks and if you look at the rates and so forth, so it'll be interesting to see how they recover now from this, how they try to claw back the $4.7 billion loss. maria: he has to say something, half of his money is from saudi arabia. >> yes. maria: the saudis probably want some answers here, how the heck did this happen, going into this, a lot of people questioned what is the unique story of wework, why is wework valued where it is? it's so unique, barriers to entry, not really. dagen: there's a word for this, sloppy. it's sloppy, lack of due diligence, this is what happens when there's too much money in the world, the concern for
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investors overall is this sign of something larger in terms of basically people not doing any kind of investment work. >> dagen, you're right, when you see trillions of dollars that are put into these private equity funds, there's tremendous pressure to put it to work, that's why you sigh the multiples, maria, 12, 13, 14% multiple, i don't know how they get the recovery from a business. maria: rest of the market, we are in record territory once again, we are talking at the best performance for s&p in 5, 6 years, this morning we are looking at flat situation, it was huge day yesterday, nasdaq closing record territory are 30-point move for the dow, china and trade optimism here, we will see what happens in terms of the u.s. trade deal with china, it looks like there's some good conversation happening overnight and in the last couple of nights in terms of consideration of not doing extra tariffs,
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considering, perhaps taking tariff increases to the side in december, but what's your reaction here? >> so it's interesting ey is publishing a global barometer this morning and they are saying actions speak louder than words, 68% of the surveyed ceo's say they are actively working to offset the tariffs, they're also saying over 60% of them see m&a activity continuing the next 12 months, they don't see a major pullback in the next 12 months, again, to your point, maria, a lot of positive proof confidence, proof positive here of continuing to see this recovery. maria: great backdrop, jack, look at where we are in terms of the economic statistics, 50-year low unemployment, we had great job's numbers on friday, earnings have been largely better than feared, for example, for the third quarter, so the backdrop is pretty -- is pretty good for this market. >> yeah, and the consumer is going to keep on gaining strength, one thing that
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impressed is you talk how much money americans are savings, if you look at the housing numbers and you see folks are staying in houses so much longer now and their equity is just through the roof to people have money in the bank, so to speak, when it comes to put money up in their homes and different places, so, you know, the consume certify strong. dagen: we say all of the time, watch the consumer and the strength but yesterday the import into the united states we found out in august fell 1.7% led by a drop of 4.4% drop in import of consumer goods, again, that's something to pay attention to. maria: especially the tariffs that may or may not go into effect, increased tariffs on december 15th. >> real quick, the latest number that i saw, 80% of gdp is based on consumer and consumer are 9% compare today recovery.
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maria: also on deck the trump administration, executive, author of trigger on donald trump, jr. on last night's elections. mark penn joining us and also mikhail varshavski, aka dr. mike, let's take a short break, the ball of the democrats, joe biden goes after elizabeth warren on what he says are elitist comments and uber's bumpy ride, expires to do, oh, oh, gives a chance to sell and as a result the stock is down already almost 2%, don't forget to send questions for new segment ask maria, i will be answering you every friday right here, so send me questions on instagram and on twitter and we will take your questions up friday right here on mornings with maria, we will be right
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ anchor amy was caught on camera open mic saying that the network buried her 3-year investigation into jeffrey epstein, todd piro. >> the video has not just been verified by fox but certainly raises a lot of new questions on who was a part of epstein's life and possibly his death. >> i've had interview with virginia roberts, first of all, i was told who is jeffrey epstein, it's a stupid story.
6:17 am
threatened us a million different ways, unbelievable, we had everything. do i think he was killed 100%, yes, i do. >> in response, i was caught in private moment of frustration, i was upset that in an interview i conducted with virginia roberts didn't air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet abc's editorial standards about allegations, my my comments about prince andrew and bill clinton on epstein's private island were in reference to what she said in 2015, abc's news explanation, not all of the reporting met the standards to air but we have never stopped investigating the story ever since we've had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it.
6:18 am
as for comments, she thought epstein was killed, remember this former chief medical examiner for new york city when he was on "fox & friends" last week. >> there are multiple 3 fractures in the bone, thyroid cartilage that are unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation. hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does. >> virginia roberts threw her attorney echoing comments caught on tape. maria: thank you so much, unbelievable what's crazy to me is that so many people agree that epstein was murdered. >> yeah. >> when rudy was on the show, cameras were out, guards were sleeping, the coincidence of all the things converging is absurd. maria: we just talk about it, oh, well, he was murdered, on to the next thing. dagen: what did amy say i was
6:19 am
caught in frustration, you were sitting in front of a camera with microphone on, you know what, women who make a lot of money, they should stand up for women who can't afford to speak out, who can't afford to speak out against their bosses. maria: she she wanted to, abc did it. dagen: serial pedophile, don't make excuses, you weren't caught in private moment. maria: pedophiled who was murdered, take a break, when we come back, copy that, xerox reported to apply hp, two struggling technology giants, look at the stock, hewlett-packard up 9%, stock alert match group shares are tanking this group, take a look down 14%, fourth quarter revenue following below expectations, not good, earning season rolling on, wendy's, fox, cbs, all heavy
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>> welcome, record setting territory, let's look for opening bell happening in 3 hour's time, the dow and nasdaq right now are close to break even, dow is up 7, s&p sup a fraction and the nasdaq up 2 and a half, but this is on top of the huge performance in the last couple of days, the dow and the nasdaq closed at record highs yesterday, so far third-quarter earning results better than expected, my next guest, wealth
6:24 am
advisement investors mike avalon. you think things will continue to slow. >> i think they slow down and be more on the steady range and not the sort of growth that the recent stock market activity seems to be projecting, i think we will be stuck in a high 1% gdp range, i think earnings in low, mid-single digits and recent euphoria that investors have had, seem to be overlooking cautious comments of forward-looking earnings, earning report that is came out cited 2020 weakness and 2020 concerns, there's too much hype about what the trade deal is going to mean, in true economic terms those results will be muted, i think it's more of a time-out and i think investors need to pair back enthusiasm. maria: maybe, the u.s. is the best story in the world right now, you have unemployment at
6:25 am
50-year low, and earnings even if they are not blowout, better than feared and you have a consumer that won't quick, the backdrop seems pretty strong, bob. >> i think so. let me ask you a question, i would agree with you that things -- i would say they're not going to be a robust as they have been but we are still going to see growth or are we talking ourselves son, what's your sense of what's happening in the marketplace? >> i think the talking of self down could be a positive, the markets, stock markets die when there's euphoria, that's a net positive for stocks, i think the other part about that euphoria, what we have seen with a lot of the unicorns slowing and takes the hope and the hype and establishes on a more firmer plane, i think the caution could actually be looked at as net positive. >> yeah, if you think what maria announced earlier, you xerox up
6:26 am
9%, if they go into xerox, they might have missed the recovery, current growth but try to get something at the bottom and hopes that it works, what's your sense about those two companies coming together? >> yes, i think the fact that investors are chasing is a sign of a lot of liquidity perhaps global central banks encouraging by this monetary policy throwing money at people and investors starting to chase returns, i think that the fed has been way to too accommodate, investors are looking for stocks in almost a hyper-- hypermode when i think they need to stay allocated balanced and discipline and not look for the next hot story, look at the underlying fundamentals and not invest in headlines. ray dalio out with another piece, invest founder of chief water associates, wrote a
6:27 am
scathing post. at the same time money is free, for those who have money, unworthiness, unavailable to those who don't have money which continues to rising wealth opportunity and potential gaps, your thoughts on that, because bob is making the money that there's so much free money and that's why investors are bidding shares of xerox, they will buy it anyway. >> ray dalio is right on the money, our society is so divided just pure opportunity, it's hard for a lot of investors to go out there and access the capital machine that's going on in our country right now, let's not latter ourselves and say that everyone has access to this money, if you have a major fund, the money is so pulled right now that you're seeing this across the economy, economy, excuse me. maria: what do you think, mark, he made excellent points in the
6:28 am
article, he talked about central banks are flooding the market, lower future expected returns, it's going to have associatal impacts because pension funds, he write pension funds will have to stretch for returns because they bid up stock prices so high and bid down bond yellses, structural shifts, societal impact that is he writes about because of the widening gap because easy money affects wealthy people who can then invest more when the folks at the middle and the bottom don't benefit as much and that's -- and that's a real important issue that he writes about. maria: all right, mark, sounds like you're staying on the sidelines in terms of the market, we will be watching, thanks so much. >> good to be here. maria: mark avalone, we've got the details, uber bumpy ride, agreement expires today, investors have a chance to sell
6:29 am
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defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, wednesday november 6th, top stories right now 6:32 a.m. on the east coast, tech takeover, xerox reportedly considering bid for hp, cash and stock offer would be at premium to hp's market value of $27 billion currently, the stocks on the move this morning, walgreens could be going private meanwhile, stock surging, up 1 and 3 quarters percent on reports that drugstore chain is considering biggest leverage
6:33 am
buyout ever. markets this morning are searching for direction after blowout day yesterday, take a look at futures, s&p is up almost 1 point and nasdaq up 2 and 3 quarters points but that's victory on top of record-setter yesterday, dow and nasdaq both closing in unchartered territory, record highs at 27,492 and nasdaq at 8,434, the dow is up 30, the nasdaq is up 1 and a half points, the s&p was lower yesterday. global markets this morning look like this, check out european indices here, they are mixed, ftse 100 is down just a fraction but the cac quarante in fraction is down and dax index is up almost 18 as well. cbs health is coming out with earnings, on the tape as you can see n germany rebound in orders for the month of september, jumped one and a third percent and check asian markets overnight, they were fairly flat as you can see, fractional moves across the board, the sprint
6:34 am
t-mobile merger gets green light from sec, voting along party lines that will move forward, unlocking uber stock today early investors are able to sell stock, take money off the table, that is the lockup period is ending, the stock under pressure as a result and the selling, hit a new low yesterday and this morning it is at 27.54 down. top story this half an hour t battle of the democrats continues, former vice president joe biden now calling out massachusetts senator elizabeth warren defending his record, slamming her campaign's approach in the election saying saying ts -- saying this in medium. it's representative of an elitist that -- elitism that working and middle-class people do not share, we know best, you
6:35 am
know nothing, if you were as smart as i am, this is no way to beat donald trump. managing partner as well and former senior adviser to the clintons, mark penn, your reaction to biden taking out elizabeth warren. >> well, i think you the fight has joined, elizabeth warren primarily has voters from well educated suburban democratic class and joe biden is running as the moderate working class candidate and territory out quite strongly in the op-ed, it was a good exchange. i think he's the winner on on that one. maria: the stuff on hunter biden, how is that affecting him? >> well, i think the race is tightening up, i think when she came out with healthcare plan and i lost track 30 trillion, 50 trillion, how much -- maria: 52 trillion.
6:36 am
>> i think she set herself back and biden sees the opportunity open for moderates and he's on the defensive and the general election and democratic primary he's been holding onto his vote. maria: i just want to say that john is out with, you know, breaking reports basically saying there's evidence that conflicts with what joe biden has said about his son hunter biden's story that, in fact, joe biden is trying to distance himself that he knew he was on the barisma board, there's evidence within the obama administration records that show that he was afraid that his son was on the board of this ukrainian gas company. >> i've seen the john reports but not in the rest of the media, if you search for it. are they going to validate those emails, look, i thought the emails in the state department were pretty significant but i'm looking for rest of the media to validate, otherwise is it affecting biden, no democratic voters are not getting the john solomon story. >> they won't go after another until nominee is chosen, who has
6:37 am
called elizabeth warren for lying on ethnicity, harvard lawsuit was pushing her as the first woman of color, she did it despite being a strong woman wasn't enough, lied to be native american, excuse me, american indian was on bar application. maria: i'm american indian. dagen: as more information comes out, could it hurt biden if he's the nominee, absolutely, but right now the democrats, again, are trying to avoid firing on one another figuratively. >> although, this is a bit of a scrimmage here, i think biden deliberately said after she attacked him first, look, what primary are you in and he said, no i'm in the right primary. dagen: this is on policy, rather than personal they are going after another on policy.
6:38 am
the kaiser family foundation found that 55% of democrats want to rebuild on affordable care act. again, elizabeth warren's voters, her voting block are people who don't understand math. >> let me ask about universal health she's pushing so hard, you talk about the cost,let get to reality, uaw was on strike for 40-some days, teachers union on strike, do you think they will give up healthcare program, the uaw is only paying 5%, they try get them to 15 which is half of it the country's average, do you really they are going to vote for somebody that will take health care away? >> i think warren was surging until she came out with her plan, what happens to middle class taxpayers, i think that's
6:39 am
slowed momentum and i don't know if she will figure out a way out of it and biden said, hey, i stand for the working class of america, i could beat trump. maria: how about 2020 fundraising, new report from bloomberg that says democrats core on wall street donors and the funding is mutual. noting grassroots fundraising has mcmore important than wealthy donors, elizabeth warren has repeatedly claim that she won't be holding fundraisers for wealthy donors but that hasn't stopped attending events host bid the dnc, in other words, i'm not going to accept any money from wealthy donors and she accepts money from the dnc indirectly, that's from wealthy donors, hello. >> remember joe biden here who was against pacs has changed his mind when he ran a little short, look, people in politics need money to run campaigns, they used to get only from so-called fat cat donors, today the
6:40 am
internet provides new avenue, republicans are doing in internet funding as well, small and big donors are here to stay, big donors are pulling together lots of money, this is going to be a 5 billion-dollar campaign, this will make or break every television network and every internet platform out there except twitter which doesn't accept political ads. maria: game on. >> mark at, at what point do we kind of get to the picking point for liberal media and how they are backing the candidates and like dagen mentioned earlier, you know, they talk about policy but they won't talk about anything personal, i have not seen one liberal publication go after any of these allegations for these democratic candidates, is that a part of their strategy, is this something that's been communicated and when we get to general elections, would we have a tipping point that makes them come to truth.
6:41 am
maria: they continue to look like an arm of the democratic party, that's absolutely. the john solomon story is real, he uncovered memos that show multiple drafts of a q&a memo when they were preparing marie, the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, they were preparing her to handle question about barisma and joe biden's son on the board, they said stick to the simple answer, in other words, they were all worried about joe biden's son. dagen: one other thing the wall street journal is reporting today about this very thing, consulting firm that was hired by barisma mentioned that the former vice president's son hunter biden was serving on the ukrainian gas companies board at the time so the company can leverage a meeting with the state department. maria: there you go. [laughter] maria: quid pro quo. >> solomon story show that the state department officials were well aware that hunter biden was on this company's board and you see that in the emails, look, i think when it comes to media we
6:42 am
are back to 1800's here which paper and which media is on which side and that's why all of the stories are not getting out to the public, it's a shame, i hope that's going to change. maria: before you go, mark, you have said in the past, last couple of weeks do you think there's a chance that hillary clinton enters this race, do you still believe that? >> i think when you look at the race 3 or 4 people i believe most likely seriously considering it and i had a poll just last week that showed that if hillary carry and bloomberg would get in, she would split biden's vote with half and tied with biden, is there a constituency in the democratic party for hillary clinton in this race, will she get in, i don't know, i'm sure everybody is thinking about it because that's what politicians do. >> you think he's a brokered convention? >> right now seems to be heading to convention becomes looks like sanders, warren and mayor pete
6:43 am
and biden all have constituency, some working class, some elite and some younger and i don't see anybody coming out with the majority. dagen: my prediction she won't get in because she would have to explain her husband's relationship with jeffrey epstein, trying to explain flights he was taking on what was dubbed the express, private jet owned and operated by a known pedophile. maria: the late night show, wasn't jimmy kimmel, they said to her, how did you kill jeffrey epstein. dagen: comedy central. they are making jokes about it instead of hitting bob culture, unbelievable. you said john kerry, mark penn joining us there. new research shows female soccer players are at much higher risk than boys, considering the
6:44 am
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6:48 am
27 billion-dollar market cap according to wall street journal, xerox's board reportedly discussed possibility just yesterday but no word if they'll be follow through, two fading tech stars together. shares of walgreens, extending gains in premarket up 1.3% on word that the company has looked at going private. boarders reporting that the drugstore chain has held preliminary talks with major equity firms, walgreens not commenting, the largest leverage buyout lbo in history, shares of uber under pressure again this morning, yesterday they closed at record low, now down another 1.7% at 27.54 the share, so the company actually lost money, billion dollars in latest quarter, today the lockup expiration ends, so early investors get the green light to sell their shares if they want to today. and this, ups soon to take
6:49 am
flight in a neighborhood near you, successfully completing the first ever drone delivery for cvs dropping one package off in north carolina and another one at retirement community, regular deliveries are expected to take flight in 2021 after the faa irons out the rules for these unmanned aerial vehicles, but, maria, they say it's good for older people and people in rural areas. maria: must be. lauren, thank you, lauren simonetti, when we come back we are looking at teen concussion rating, wait till you hear this about soccer, the least taxed friendly state for retirees, you don't want to miss that one. back inpa a minute granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ( ♪ )
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6:53 am
maria: welcome back, we've spoken a lot in the program about concussion, researchers were focusing on girl's soccer, head injuries match that of football. mikhail varshavski, aka dr. mike, there's constant movement in terms of soccer for young girls, tell us what you found. >> yeah, the study did great job exposing all 20 sports that females and males play and the highest rates for females happened to be in soccer at rate of 8 concussions per 10,000 sporting events, that includes practices and actual game days, the majority of these don't happen as a result of hitting the ball which is what we may think, they happened as a result of collisions both between players and the ground, so these are serious injury that is can happen at any sport but seem to happen more in soccer, now, when we compare female and male soccer, we found out that the
6:54 am
rate in boy soccer is 3 per 10,000 as 8 to 10,000 in female, the rate triples when we consider the difference between male and female soccer games, we don't have an answer for that, is it because anatomy, we don't have the answer to that question, the study did quote job that there are concussions in soccer. >> common sense would tell you what causes a lot of them, i played in the national football league where i got several concussions but we were taught how to fall and so whenever you're taught how to fall the ground is what cause it is majority of the concussions as you referenced but some of the little girls just don't know how the fall, they haven't been taught how to fall, you have to be professional at that, that's an issue but also, you know, when you look at soccer, you
6:55 am
talk about reporting it in the male culture, in my football team if we had a concussion we did not tell the coach or the doctor to get pulled out the game, i think my little girl would tell me if she gets a concussion because i've trained her to the so and culturally more appropriate for her to do so and culture issues when it comes to health care for our kids. >> for sure, also specific exercises, specifically in studying our visual system can better prepare us for hit, whether it means better fall, a better collision with another player or a soccer ball and if we can tune our system to be more prepared for that we can decrease rates of concussion, i urge every athlete out there, if you're feeling some sort of mental symptom where you're having headache, dizziness, fogginess after sustaining some hit, please speak up because the biggest is con second
6:56 am
concussion. dagen: question k we avoid the backlash that the media gets historical about this and little girls can't play soccer anymore, you can't be athletes, i had a horrible concussion as a child falling off the bicycle but my parents didn't take the bike away from me. >> dagen, i love that you say that because we need our kids to stay active. dagen: exactly. >> so this is not meant to be -- absolutely. >> parents teach your kids how to fall, teach your kids how to fall. dagen: that is true even in adults, if you're participating in any sport like mountain bike. >> if they fall that's not a big deal and figure it out and two exsoccer players who won the world cup in 1991 funding research on cte on female athletes, that's a great job, we need more information but not information that will keep us from playing sports but better prepare us for sports.
6:57 am
maria: thank you so much, still ahead season for starbucks, coffee giant unveils 2019 holiday cups, we have them here onset, dunkin doughnuts also have holiday cups, next mornings with maria, stay with us. ♪
6:58 am
. . .
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7:00 am
maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, november 6th. your top stories right now. softbank reports a massive loss, hit by wework. softbank's ceo admitted bad judgment over the investment in wework. futures are coming off of a record day yesterday, adding to it this morning, dow industrials up 8 points right now, s&p is where it closed yesterday, unchanged and the nasdaq is up 2 points. take a look at this, it's following another record day for the dow and nasdaq yesterday, both closed at all-time high was the dow industrials yesterday up 30 points and nasdaq up 1 and-a-half points, good enough for another unchartered territory move. global markets look like this.
7:01 am
europe pereuropean indices are n nailly moving. in germany there was a rebound in factory orders for the month of september, higher than expectations. in you asia markets were flat. take a look, a across the board, fractional moves. president trump is headed of to new york city for veterans day. he will be the first president to kick off a big parade. we will preview that. then the holiday season upon us, starbucks' latest festive drinks and cups hit stores tomorrow. we have them on set today. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, jack brewer and former home depot ceo, former ceo of chrysler as well, bob nardelli. great show so far, guys. >> good morning. lots to cover. maria: that was a scary segment on the concussions. we talked about it a lot when it comes to football. parents need to understand risks when it comes to girls playing soccer too. >> they really do.
7:02 am
because this issue is going to continue to get worse as we understand the brain. the brain is the last piece of our body that we truly -- we haven't put the time into understanding it. it's only been about 10 years since we've done this research. so seeing what's happen aing with cte and life exe expectancf people who have been playing football and boxing an other sports, it's bringing a lot of reality -- maria: there's so much study done about can r se cancer and s and we're eating better knowing that obesity causes diabetes, smoking, we know that causes cancer. we haven't done that level of study on the brain just yet. it's happening. we need to know more about alzheimer's and autism going forward. our top story this hour is the impeachment fight, the house releasing transcripts from two witnesss in the probe. the u.s. ambassador to the european union, gordon sondland
7:03 am
admitted american aid to ukraine was linked to political transactions. kurt volker said there was no idea pro he quo. quid pro quo. he said he raised concerns over the role rudy giuliani was playing in the ukraine, u.s. relations. the white house fired back, saying this, both transcripts show there is less evidence for the illegitimate impeachment scam than previously thought. senator lindsey graham echoing that statement. >> when somebody presumes something that doesn't get you very far with me. all i can say is that the president of the ukraine has denied at the time of the phone call, he didn't know it was suspended, they had gotten the aid. maria: joining us right now is a fox news contributor, byron york. it's a pleasure to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: first, your reaction to
7:04 am
the revision that sondland is giving us, changing his tune in terms of quid pro quo. >> he was changing it to get his testimony in line with the testimony of some of the other people involved in this. tim morrison of the nse and bill taylor, the ambassador. he's actually getting it in line with that. i think one of the things that i take from this transcript is how little sondland knows about anything. he is the classic donor turned ambassador. he's ambassador to the eu. and he's asked in the deposition, do you know about borismo, the energy company that employed hunter biden, do you know about them and corruption. he said, well, no. do you know about the oligarch who owns that, who was accused of corruption? he said no, never heard of him. and he just didn't seem to know much of anything that was going on and what he did know, he knew from press reports, which can
7:05 am
sometimes be unreliable. so it's really striking how in the dark this mans was about a lot of things. maria: all the more reasons the republicans will say they need to question the whistleblower. fox news is not naming the whistleblower. the washington examiner did name the whistleblower. i know that. so tell us what you can about this person. because at this point, i mean, we are journalists, we need to understand better where this person is coming from because the washington examiner has reported that he's been a long-time biden aide. >> what people are trying to find out, what some republicans are trying to find out and a few journalists are trying to find out are kind of the origins of this whole ukraine controversy. you remember, the july 25th phone call between president trump and be president zelensky, a lot of people are listening to the phone call on the american side, presumably they were on the ukrainian side as well. a lot of people over here listening to the call and we know that, one, alexander
7:06 am
venman, the lieutenant colonel working the ukraine area for the nse was disturbed about it, complained about it. what you see, if you look at some of the transcripts that have been released or news reports from other depositions, republicans are trying to figure out, okay, well, was it developmenvenmanwho told the whd was there anybody else who knew about this and you had all these people on the call and people of high integrity and expertise at the nse and they didn't complain about it. what was going on here? so there are a lot of questions and certainly the identity of the whistleblower is part of that whole picture. maria: right. that's what i'm saying. and do we know the if in fact this is a person who worked with john brennan at the cia, worked with joe biden as his ukraine point person and does this person have the credibility to stir up all of this stuff here? >> well, democrat as you know
7:07 am
say well, it doesn't matter anymore. you remember that adam schiff thought interviewing the whistleblower was really, really important for his committee to do. they started making plans about how they could question him and he could still remain anonymous, maybe have his voice scrambled or be behind a screen or something. and then never mind. he didn't want to talk to them at all. maria: after it became clear that his staff met with the whistleblower and perhaps he was a fact witness. >> exactly. contact between his staff and the whistleblower and by the way, republicans are saying if we get to call witnesses, the first witness we're going to call it ad da is adam schiff. maria: dagen. dagen: i'm going to be careful how i ask this question. was the phone call between president trump and zelensky and the revelation of that, the concerns expressed about that by the whistleblower and clearly other people, because the whistleblower complains says it was roughly half a you dozen people who communicated with him
7:08 am
their concerns about it, was it a way to crack open, if you will, what rudy giuliani was doing? does that make sense? that seems to be -- so this was the excuse being used, the phone call, but it was really they were trying to reveal what they think rudy giuliani was up to with his involvement with ukraine. >> well, you raise a he very vy plausible scenario which i think is one reason why we need to understand what's going on. clearly, there were concerns about what giuliani was doing. look, you just have to look at the picture of these two guys, lev and igor who have been arrested, who were giuliani associates who were apparently funneling money to giuliani's firm. they were involved in lobbying then representative pete sessions as well. so there's a lot of reasons to have questions about what was
7:09 am
going on. maria: but there's also reason to say the president has a right to say what the heck happened in ukraine, where did all this information in the dossier come from, knowing that for three years the president was the subject of such hype that he colluded with russia because of the steele dossier and origins of the steele dossier, began in ukraine. so, i mean, what's wrong with the president saying hey, let's get to the bottom of this. we know the justice department is eyeing a perhaps the thanksgiving deadline for this ig report we've been talking about, when this ig report is coming out now for months concerning the fbi investigation into the orally ins of the -- origins of the russia probe in 2016, why was president trump's name inserted into the story of russia meddling in the u.s. affairs. >> by the way, we hope that it's thanksgiving 2019 that it's going to be released. in the transcript, devin newness
7:10 am
asks sondland do you know about this and he didn't know anything about it. i think you raise -- your question points a bigger issue, which is the validity of the president's concerns matter. what was going on in ukraine, in the 2016 election, is a serious issue. what were some people doing to try to either sabotage the trump campaign or anything else. what joe and hunter biden were doing matters. and this is another issue in which sondland seemed to know absolutely nothing about what was going on. i did hear you reference a new john solomon story earlier in the show in which the state department people, obama state department people at the time in 2015 and 2016 were concerned about hunter biden's connections
7:11 am
with barisma and business activities in ukraine. the validity of the president's concern do seem to matter here. maria: it's interesting how mark penn makes the point that, yeah, john solomon has done great reporting and yes, that's true, what you referred to, that they were worried about how it would look that biden's son was on the board of barisma, and yet the media doesn't cover it. you'll only hear it on fork foxd about it in the washington examiner. >> how many times have we heard since this all happened, how many times on other networks, mostly have we heard them give a disclaimer, there's absolutely no evidence of any wrong-doing by hunter biden or joe biden as far as ukraine is concerned. i will you say there's one issue here, one of the reasons i thought john's story today was strong was it was based on state department documents that had been gotten from a freedom of information act request. a lot of other stories are based on documents or testimony from people in ukraine and i have to
7:12 am
say, i'm not an expert on this, there don't seem to be a lot of trustworthy people over there who are involved in this kind of corruption and anti-corruption activities and it's very hard to know whose story to trust over there. maria: before you go, it was critical day at the bal the balx yesterday. the results are in. republicans retained control of the governor's mansion in mississippi. virginia democrats taking control of the house and senate for first time in more than two decades. the race in kentucky is still apparently too close to call, although incumbent republican matt bevin is refusing to concede, aconsistent, andy bashs victory. >> in virginia, it's the finish of the transition into a fully blue state. i don't think they have elected a state-wide republican since 2009. it's been blue in the last three presidential elections, probably going to be that way the next
7:13 am
time. as far as kentucky is concerned, the governor, matt bevin is quite unpopular. you have to remember, republicans won five of the six state-wide offices contested yesterday. didn't seem that voters were holding president trump or anything against the republican party in kentucky but they didn't like bevin all that much. maria: that's what dagen said earlier in the show, actually. right, dagen. dagen: it's hard to win if people think you're a jerk. [ laughter ] >> voters need to actually like you. as far as the race is concerned, it is separated i think by 4/10 of a percentage point but it is about 5,000 votes. that would be pretty unusual if that flipped somehow in a he recount process. >> real quick, bob nature l deli here -- nardelli here. you spoke about the report hopefully issued before thanksgiving 2019. will the house push for
7:14 am
impeachment without that report? will it get done? >> i think democrats will go ahead regardless of what happens with the report. if it's negative they'll act like it didn't happen. maria: they do well with that, they just ignore. make believe it never happened. good to see you, sir, thanks so much. byron york. we'll be right back. i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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(vo) thewith every attempt, strto free itself,pider's web. it only becomes more entangled. unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. maria: welcome back. we have an update on the tragic store youly of a group of americans killed in mexico on monday. lauren simonetti on headlines now. lauren. lauren: good morning. mexican authorities announcing a person is in custody days after the brutal killing of a family of nine. officials say they arrested an individual who is holding two hostages in the state of sonoro, mexico, armed with weapons. mexican and american authorities are investigating the massacre. three women and six small children were killed. eight children did survive. well, president trump making history this veterans day.
7:18 am
he will be the first president to ever kick off new york city's 100th annual veterans day parade with an opening ceremony speech. the white house announcing this this morning. trump has a long history with the parade, donating $200,000 to make it happen back in 1995. the holidays are coming to starbucks. and we've got an early preview. the coffee giant unveiling its holiday cups and sticking to the classics. merry coffee in red and green. anything controversial about that? maria: i don't think so. lauren: they'll find something. they have new drinks out. the under-rated eggnog latte is my favorite. they have new treats out as well. >> don' don't forget about the vegans. maria: here's my personalized, maria. >> all right. can we buy that? maria: i'll give it to you. [ laughter ] maria: all right.
7:19 am
thank you, lauren. american companies under pressure in china, the fbi director weighing in on doing business in china. what he said about that knowing your score, companies keeping secret consumer ratings on customers. yes, how you can find out what your score is coming up. stay with us. ♪ i ain't here for a long time. ♪ i'm here for a good time. ♪ so bring on the sunshine, to hell with the red wine, pour me some moonshine. plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity.
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7:22 am
maria: welcome back. now this, the fbi director, christopher wray, admitting china can take any information it wants from u.s. companies operating there, he made the comment on capitol hill yesterday. watch this. >> chinese law essentially compels chinese companies and typically compels u.s. companies that are operating in china to
7:23 am
have relationships with different kinds of chinese companies to provide whatever information the government wants, whenever it wants. maria: we've been trying to explain this for a year now. joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. this is the issue around haw away, that there are -- huawei, that there are back doors that the information is going to the chinese government. >> the explanation is not a happy one. the explanation is you do business in china, you interact with chinese companies that are owned by or utterly controlled by the chinese government. the chinese government ends up with your technology. maria: and you will deal with it. >> there is a flip side to this, which is when chinese -- the companies are here, had they have to comply with american law and american law allows the federal government certain access to their technology as well. that doesn't minimize the loss of our technology. maria: the u.s. doesn't force the transfer of technology the
7:24 am
way china does. >> correct. the u.s. government intrudes on privacy but it doesn't steal or facilitate the stealing of it which is what the president has been complaining about happens in china. this is not going to change, unless and until bob lighthizer, the trade representative and the president's team can negotiate some change. because this is just so deeplyey engrained in chinese law and chinese culture. you go over there, you lose your identity. maria: part of the issue there, this is a national security risk because all of the information going to the chinese government is giving them information about what the u.s. is doing in so many areas. they have said they want to be the number one super power. militarily as well. >> and they will do it even if they have to steal. i don't think what chris wray said is new as you pointed out but it's good that he says it. the american public needs to know about it and the government needs to know about it and pressure needs to be put on the government to negotiate some kind of deal with the chinese.
7:25 am
i think the president has four or five things he wants from the chinese. this is number one or two. stop stealing. maria: and the chinese do not want anens forcement mechanism -- enforcement member niche there tenforcement mechanism to. if we find you are continuing to steal our data, there will be consequences. that's what they're negotiating about. >> correct. maria: we have to talk about the other story. >> which one. maria: we've been reporting about this for a year now and finally we're getting confirmation. nearly 900 new york city jail inmates will be eligible for early release. you've got an increasing -- a huge number of inmates being released come january as they close rykers and put up new jails. this is tied to a new york law, governor andrew cuomo signed, eliminating bail for defendants charged with certain crimes. yesterday the governor said i didn't realize, i didn't know 900 people will be let out. he signed it. >> he should have known.
7:26 am
this is a trend in the united states, governor kristie two years ago signed a similar law in new jersey which is better written and more precise. you cannot get out of jail in new jersey if you are accused of a violent crime. theoretically, that's what's in the law that governor cuomo signed but the language allows for such wiggle room that people will be rereleased between now and january 1 -- i'm telling you the significance of january 1 in a minute -- who have been charged with horrific crimes. january 1 is the date the law takes eventing. to -- effect. today is november 6th. why are they being released today? well, because the powers that be decided if they're going to be released anyway, we might as well let them out now and save us the cost of housing them for two months. not only are they released -- jack, you're going to like this. they're being given mets tickets. mets tickets in november. yes, they're being given mets
7:27 am
tickets for next spring. maria: and coupons to go to dinner, all sorts of perks. dagen: to show up. >> this is almost a bribe. we will give you the tickets, not now, when you show up for your hearing. now, if you know you're guilty, are you going to go to jail over a mets ticket or are you going to take off. maria: i'm going to go to a mets game, right. >> we shouldn't laugh 59 this. this is going to visit harm on the public. i think in fairness to governor cuomo, he believed he was part of a trend of ridding the jails of nonviolent people who don't belong there but the way the law is being interpreted, in my view, improperly, violent criminals are being released. this is going to start right now in new york city. dagen: this is already going on. because of mayor de blasio and the manhattan district attorney, cy vance. the police department has essentiallied stopped arresting people for larceny, for theft,
7:28 am
shoplifting, you don't get arrested. even simple assault you don't get arrested for. so the message from the left is crime isn't a crime. you burglarize someone's home, you're not going to go to. we might not arrest you. you get shoved in front of a bus, the bus didn't hit you, they're not arresting the person who shoved you. this is what's going on in the city. maria: an it doesn't support e police. you have people throwing water on the heads of police officers, throwing milk in their faces. no wonder the police are not going to go and arrest. >> what dagen described is a very serious issue of constitutional magnitude, that the government would decide that a class of property crimes is no longer worthy of government enforcement. what is that going to do? leave us to our own means to enforce these crimes, to enforce the law? if you know your property is being stolen and the government is not going to arrest and
7:29 am
prosecute that person, what are you going to do? you're probably going to use force yourself. maria: you won't be able to if beto o'rourke is in charge. they're also taking away your guns. >> you can't own a gun in new york city. it's almost impossible to own a gun in your own home. it's being challenged in in front of the supreme court. they agreed to hear that a case. >> they did. maria: i want to be clear. this is just the beginning, 900 inmates being let out. there's going to be many more going into january. they've got to get the numbers down in materials of inmates. they -- in terms of inmates. they don't have the capacity to hold them with the new jails they're building. >> you want to he get heartburn? rye cererikers island is going e closed and four new institutions are going to open up in nab neighborhoods around new york city. that will happen after de blasio leaves office. maria: people are asking the question, is it my neighborhood, is it going to be my neighborhood. >> it's worthwhile. maria: where are the inmates
7:30 am
being released, is it my town. don't the constituents have a right to know? >> the basic duty of government is to protect our rights and our safety and our property. why is it government doesn't want to perform in new york city that basic duty? maria: i find it really ironic -- dagen: the rights of criminals over the rights of law abiding citizens. criminals, that's who they're in favor of. they don't care if you were robbed, if you're stabbed. the cops won't show up unless you're bleeding in the street. >> the cops are not going to show up for property crimes. maria: they don't want anybody having guns either. it's just- >> we are talking about people who have not yet been convicted, who have been charged. the charges are so grave that judges would never grant bail, but for this new andrew cuomo signed now misinterpreted in my view law. maria: judge, thank you. judge andrew napolitano there. when we come back, it's jamie dimon versus elizabeth warren. the jp morgan chief sounds off
7:31 am
on the 2020 candidate and her war on the wealthy. wait until you hear this. the best places to retire, we want to know them, the best and least tax friendly states for retirees. stay with us. ♪ will you still love me tomorrow. ♪
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7:34 am
maria: welcome back. our top story this half hour, capitalism versus socialism. jamie dimon sounded off on elizabeth warren, saying that warren vilifies successful people with harsh words. warren fired back, tweeted this. quote, it's really simple, jamie dimon and his buddies are successful in part because of the opportunities workforce and public services that we all paid for. it's only fair that he and his billionaire friends chip in to make sure everyone else has a chance to succeed. she's goes on, the fact they're reereactingso strongly, angrilye
7:35 am
asked to chip in more tells you all you need to know. the system is working great for the wealthy and well-expected and jamie dimon doesn't want that to change. i'm going to fight to make sure it works for everyone. joining us right now is td ameritrade founder, author joe rick eets. thanks for joining us. i love the whole idea ofs this book, the harder you work, the luckier you get. work begets luck and luck begets more luck and that's certainly true. what's your reaction to what jamie dimon and em elizabeth wan just said. >> she's missing a very, very important part of the argument. and that is investment capital. if you don't have people that are going to put up the money to start businesses and keep them going and take the risk, you won't have a free enterprise system. you won't have jobs. what happens if you don't have jobs? you have poverty and you have despair. you have an economy, you have a
7:36 am
country that is not a pleasant place to live. so she would ruin what we have. i mean, it's a amazeing that we're having these kind of discussions today because our country is so great, based on a few hundred years of the free enterprise system. maria: i think she's missing something important, dagen. didn't jp morgan in 2007 basically help the government bail things out? they took tarp money because they were told to take tarp money. they made acquisitions during the 2008 worst financial crisis anybody had ever seen because the u.s. needed it. dagen: right. absolutely. that's something that, well, she chooses not to acknowledge. i want to bring up something, joe, you wrote an editorial in the wall street journal yesterday and let's focus on fewer new businesses are starting but it is minorities and women who are founding more, which is great news. which shows that our spirit is still alive. >> it does show that. but we need to total more.
7:37 am
everybody needs to understand the benefits of the free enterprise system and not shy away from it. and learn to be really happy that you can take advantage of it and be able to make mistakes and to fail. >> joe, you ope -- you started a janitor. >> a that was my first job in life. i was in the third grade. [ laughter ] maria: when were you a janitor? >> i was a janitor in the third grade, yes. maria: that must have been a great lesson for you, working hard. >> you actually lived what you're writing about, the harder you work, the morning successful you can become. i think we're losing that today. i mean, when you were starting off, did you ever believe you would be here in this position? >> not at all. >> right. >> no. you i had no idea that things were going to unfold the way they d we happened to be in the right place at the right time and we're willing to take a risk. that's the important part. >> yes. >> to say, hey, i can lose and i'm still okay.
7:38 am
so that's the -- but on this janitor stuff, we started our business on pennies and i still clean the bathroom on saturday mornings. thats was my job. question didn'we didn't haveto . maria: how did you start this business on pennies. we've got a an an audience out , some who want to start their own business, who have started their own business and they want to know how you did it. look at the empire you created. >> don't let obstacles stop you from trying to be successful. we had a difficult time putting four people together to each put up 12,005 then dollars. $10,000 i borrowed because i saw the opportunity and was anxious to the take care of it. we had to make sure we made a profit every month. we couldn't say well, we've got a year, we've got two years to lose money. we couldn't afford to lose it. we had to send out our financial statement every six months to our customers and one day a customer called up and said i
7:39 am
just thought i'd tell you, you forgot three zeros on your net worth. i said no, that's our net worth. we were had that small. it was fun. >> as we're sitting here in an environment that is demonizing capitalism, success stories like yours is really what the country is made of. how can we get that back into our schools, into our youth? i have two teenagers. and the conversations that you a hear around kids that age, it's scary. we really have lost that sense of american grit and working hard from day one and building an empire. how do we break our education cycle and get that up? maria: because our environment and our upbringing shapes us and we're all children of people who lived through the depression. my mother lived through the depression. she taught me to save every penny, work really hard to get ahead. you know, we lived through 9/11. what are our kids living through now that they can get shaped by some of these big things that
7:40 am
actually will create that hunger. >> you said what do our kids -- it's up to us as parents to teach the kids. you can't rely on the schools. schools are going to teach them something different, probably stuff we don't want them to know, probably stuff we don't want them to emulate or think is good, like socialism. >> exactly. >> so it's up to us as our generation. we can't say it's up to the society to do it. if they turn out that way, it's our fault. they're our kids. >> your children are doing extremely well. >> thank god, they're all raised, all off on their own and they're all happy. >> you've done a magnificent job personally and with your family. >> thank you. i do have to say, my wife i'll give credit to for the family. >> we all do that. maria: we knew that. yeah. figured that. you've got a great backdrop there. >> yeah. maria: and she's got your back. let me ask you while you're here, we have news of the day and that is obviously schwab and
7:41 am
fidelity going to zero commission and that's totally dictated the entire industry at td ameritrade, you followed as well in terms of going to zero commissions. can you characterize that? >> i haven't been ceo of ameritrade for 20 years. in my judgment, there's three things you need to do when you think about how you're going to adjust your commissions to compete. number one, is it good for the customer? well, obviously the customer gets a better deal when they pay less. number two, how does it affect my shareholders? in this case, it caused a lot of harm. number three, is it going to be good for the overall market? and that we don't know yet. we don't want people equating buying a stock with placing a bet on a football game. so we've got to make sure that we don't become sort of a reflection or image of las vegas and that yet has to play out.
7:42 am
so i think a graduation of going in that direction would have probably been better than doing it all at once. >> i has the volume gone up significantly because of free trade, to your last point. >> i don't know. >> don't know yet? >> i don't know. maria: we'll watch the market impact. >> i think it's too early. >> too early? >> yeah. maria: it's an interesting move. by the way, how about them cubs? >> hey, i love the cubs. my kids are doing a great job. maria: i was happy to throw out the first pitch at wrigley field a couple years ago. >> good. of love it. maria: i didn't do as well there as i did in yankee stadium. it was really a thrill. great to see you, joe. thank you. check out the book, the harder you work, the luckier you get. coming up, we have a secret consumer score that maybe you didn't know about. what it is, what it means, tell you about it when we come back. and then the most bang for your retirement buck, we take a look at the best and worst nest egg states. back in a minute. ♪ life in the fast lane. ♪ surely make you lose your
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7:47 am
exposed several companies that are collecting consumer data about you. what that means behind the scenes when you go to make a purchase. joining us right now is the cyber guy, kurt knutsson. we're always talking about private sigh. this is a -- privacy. this is a whole other level. >> this is a whole other level. if you're in the business world you're going to love this. you can find out a lot more about the consumer. if you're you and me, you won't like the idea they have so much information about you. one of the companies that does day a take harvesting on us is called sift. what they go after is consumer trustworthiness. they measure 16,000 data points to figure that out. what does that mean? can we be trusted for credit? and another one called customer with a k, they're looking for sentiment, how we feel about things and they're selling that day the take. and then there's another one, retail equation will determine whether or not we're trustable to buy something at a retail website so that we don't return
7:48 am
it so it's going to either provide the information so the future retailer could reject a return, or they'll say we're safe, we don't return a lot of stuff of. the list goes on. and more importantly, maria, is finally some of these companies -- just a handful of them -- are a allowing us to t get that information. >> kurt, bob nardelli here. in addition to your point about harvesting information, the other question is, as you go out to these apps, i've been getting some hideous letters where people said because you went to this app to buy something, we put puerto ric trojan on your og system and we know everything about you, your contact, et cetera and for bitcoins we'll pull it back. what can we do as consumers? you're he's at that point to shop on-- hesitant to shop online. >> really good question. there's two topics there. one is, you're talking about someone claiming to have control or have introduced malware into
7:49 am
your sis l testimony somehow, whether on your device or computer at a home. that's generally speaking a bunch of baloney. the second thing is someone who actually does put malware on your system and you find yourself a victim of fraud online, number one thing to remember is when using a credit card in the united states, you are protected by bank regulation and laws that say you don't have to pay fraudulent charges. so you're covered on that one. maria: people need to understand, it is easy to swipe somebody's phone. somebody told me, and this is a high-up person in government, that if somebody puts their phone right next to your phone, you may very well be getting swiped right there. you can swipe -- i don't know how to do it but there are ways to do that. so i just think people need to understand there is no privacy. kurt? >> p maria, you nailed it.
7:50 am
exactly. so many methodologies capture or data and take control of our technology including one about lasers. maria: well, i mean, there's a reason that these apps -- we talk about the growth in advertising going online because online companies have so many metrics. where do you think they get the data for the metrics? you know how many people clicked on this and how many viewers went to your site. all of these metrics are part of an umbrella of data created by exactly what you're talking about at companies tracking consumer behavior. >> data buying data, then turning it in with algorithms into more data or more refined data is a enormous marketplace that in the back part of the internet that you and i never really see. >> what about hacking? this is getting to the point where i know me personally, i've been hit so many times with hackers, i mean, how can we regulate this? where is the end point here?
7:51 am
>> you know, that's up to the u.s. government. but the state of california where i am at the moment has one of the most stringent privacy laws about to happen in 2020, when it goes into effect. it gives consumers a bit more privacy. will it stop a hacker? no. but will it deter them? possibly. maria: we had a hacker on the set yesterday. he said he was one of the good guys. coming up, we take a look at the best and worst states for taxes, next up. stay with us. why isn't it all u when it comes to your money? so. what's on your mind? we are a 97-year-old firm built for right now. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual.
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7:55 am
where we stand up for our values around the world. a country where everybody has the opportunity to make the most of their lives and where we work as a government to give them that opportunity from the moment they are born. and that is our mission. if i come back here with a working majority in parliament, then i will get parliament working again for you. on day one of the new parliament, in december, we will start getting our deal through so we can get brexit done in january and unleash this country's potential. we'll put uncertainty behind us. families and businesses will be able to plan. let's make 2020 the year of investment and growth, not the year of two referendums. i want to thank everyone in the building behind me and across government for all the work, the
7:56 am
wonderful work they've done over the last three months. i'm going out now to campaign across the whole country for those values and for that program. i hope very much that you will support us. let's get brexit done and unleash the potential for the whole united kingdom. thank you very much. thank you. maria: u.k. prime minister boris johnson saying that the delay in brexit is bad for the economy, bad for jobs. reiterates that he would like to get this done by january and that is taking the u.k. out of the european union. not a major reaction from markets. we were flat going into the speech, fq100 remains up by about 6 points or so. boris johnson just speaking in the u.k. when we come back, donald trump junior is here on last night's election. we will also ask him whether his -- if he's following his father,
7:57 am
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wednesday novrng thanks so much for joining us. i'm apple. wednesday, november 6 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, it is election day 2019, governor's race in kentucky too close to call this morning, republicans retaining control of the governor's mansion in mississippi and virginia democrats winning control of the state and house, senate, as well. we are taking a look what it means for the 2020 presidential race now -- less than one year away from the presidential election, markets this morning, are adding on to another record-breaking setting day yesterday dow industrials up 28 points right now s&p 500 up 2 1/2 nasdaq up 7 the bigger story record day yesterday for the dow an nasdaq closing at record highs
8:01 am
today's performance adding to that unhe are chartered territory dow industrials up 30 points yesterday to all-time high 27492, s&p down 3 points the nasdaq up yesterday, 1/2 points only but that was enough to chalk up a record high at 8434. global markets like this european incomes mostly higher ft 100 up 5 points heard from uk prime minister boris johnson said any delay in brexit is bad for economy and bad for jobs trying to get this tone by january, cac quarante in paris up 23 dax in germany up 22 points there was economic data out of germany this morning a rebound in factory orders for september demand up 1 1/3% higher than expectations boris johnson continuing push for brexit, as i mentioned saying the delay is bad for the country in asia overnight markets fairly flat to look, as you can see, it was -- mostly better on that on the session than day before --
8:02 am
softbank massive lost hit by wework ceo admiting bad judgment over investment in wework. >> tech takeover potential, xerox reportedly considering offer for h-p xerox acquiring h-p? looking what a possibly deal could mean for both companies coming up stocks moving this morning, a money making basket find out what o oklahoma student won stinking amazing half-court shot, all those stories wednesday morning to break it down fox business dagen mcdowell, brewer group creepy former investment bank former nfl star player jack brewer former home depot chrysler ceo bob nardelli busy a lot of breaking news. >> great, crazy elections going on, and everything, it is has been -- >> there are key elections across the country navigateing through republicans holding on to governorship in mississippi democrats winning both houses in virginia, the governor's race in kentucky apparently still too close to call matt
8:03 am
bevin not conceding shane in the wisconsin continues his push in all the swing states this week connell. >> hey. good morning, everybody. maria, you know interesting because hillary clinton basically as you know, ignored this state in general election three years ago, paid the price for it. now no one is ignoring it everybody is paying attention to wisconsin so much so to your point future it on our list of swing state economies to watch one year before the next election, and here is a sample of what some of the voters said we have been take speaking to have impend telling our team on the ground about what their interested in, neck time around take a listen. >> i just want a country that we can be proud of, with values. >> do you think president trump is giving that? >> i have some reservations. >> some ways in which he goes about doing things are just not what we've seen, in -- [laughter] -- in many years past. he knows a thing or two about
8:04 am
business. >> president trump came along tradition plug we reallyed to make our to the next step for city like we are seeing. >> democratic candidates, at the -- bernie sanders -- >> no i haven't settled on that yet. >> huh an issue for a lot of voters speaking to, in the states, we are focused as you know on economy pennsylvania, michigan wisconsin if you look where we are one of 72 in the state of wisconsin one way to look at it, compared to a year ago, unemployment rate has gone up in all 72 counties, suggesting maybe a slowdown, but without the numbers that might be a little bit misleading unemployment here as you see, in racine, 3.will% low comes up from 3% off a very, very low a business, the other thing we are watching closely, is trade, we have a lot of farmers here in the area we have one as a matter of fact going to join us after the bell today when we
8:05 am
broadcast from wisconsin some said the trade wars hurting them they are hoping things get worked out with china, and usmca but final point i will take the president trump has built a strong base, of support, in this state becoming first republican to win in presidential rave, in this state since 1984. the last time around, you know just anecdotally many sports tell us they still support him one woman a reluctant trump supporter last time tlanz to be in our words enthusiastic next year wisconsin can be tipping point as in many ways in 2016 back to you. maria: we will be watching, joining us now is former chief of staff under bill clinton and mchardy associates chairman matt machining hardy thanks for being here give your reaction to the elections yesterday. and, of course, what they may portend for the 2020
8:06 am
presidential election, now less than a year away how do seef the peeled. >> while it is a little recess than a your away to presidential election, and -- congressional elections still a lifetime before us here we will see a lot of twists and turns. but i think the elections last night suggest that president trump has some work to do. i think the loss in kentucky was significant. he attorney general beshear good candidate ran on medicare reform how that could be done at state level suggests health care is a big issue, president trump came in, i think he helped bevin but not enough in the rally, the day before the election. virginia solidified, its democratic base with a a pretty he overwhelming win, you know about mississippi even with democrats fielding good candidate in attorney general hood all of that to say president has work to do,
8:07 am
he has a. >> you said significant in kentucky the numbers are 48.8%, versus 49.2%, and fox news say still too close to call matt bevin is not conceding so we will watch that, but broadly speaking way nt your take what is on the ground in any in terms of fight over impeachment, the republicans saying that they are doing everything behind closed doors, are voters going to push back, and vote them out? because they feel that it is unfair pre? you've got fighting within, right former vice president joe biden taking a swipe at elizabeth warren scatological her campaign approach. election defending his record what he posted on median says some -- my way or highway approach to politics it is works than that kind of -- to millions of democrats who have a different view representative of -- lightism working in middle class people do not share we know best you know nothing, biden says if you were only as smart as i am you would agree with me, this
8:08 am
is no way to get anything done this is no way, to bring the country together this is no way for the party to beat donald trump writes joe biden about elizabeth warren. >> gave me a lot to unpack take first, in progress, we will go to 2020 democratic field and vice president biden, comments, likely won't surprise you. i agree with him, and up a applauded him for making them coming out swinging, i think that is good for him, and the campaign. on impeachment, the process is always a lot of con sternation back-and-forth i think american public put -- if they think the process is tilted not fair, they will make that known, however, we are going to public hearings now, in the inquiry so moving forward even congressman trey gowdy psychiatristh quite skilled political operative said
8:09 am
behind -- cloerdz hearings first then public hearings we are about to see that will change the tenor in terms of how this american people view this impeachment inquiry. >> but it is not all fair -- >> -- still open question. maria: dn conditi-- if devin n wants to question somebody ranking member he has to get approval of adam schiff so not all you know, they are changing they changed the rules a bit. dagen: remains to be seen if the republicans will be allowed to call the witnesses, once the public hearings start that they want to call i think, mack would agree would it be a mistake if it looks like that this is a rigged process the republicans don't -- are not allowed to have a voice in this particularly mac if hearings impeachment runs into an election year. because again then it looks like adam schiff and nancy pelosi are regurgitating research all over the floor
8:10 am
trying to sway an rather than pursuing next important power next to declaring war. >> this is unprecedented where you have an impeachment inquiry, so close to the election, other impeachment procedures have not involved a candidate running or president running for reflex i think the democrats would be well served, to make a serious and purposeful effort toef hearings balanced, and fair and for that to be very clear that they are doing that, that does not mean they don't go forward in a very assertive comprehensive mean but i think they will hurt themselves if they do not particularly as we move to the public hearing place. >> mac how much of they are relying in democrats how much relying on poll numbers if you look at the poll anybodies for me shocking to see so many americans actually supporting
8:11 am
this impeachment, but when you turn on media i know when i go around to my friends they watch cnn, msnbc and messaging to the public seams snaith with people unfortunately for support how much is that pushing, the ongoing efforts in the democrats to keep this whole investigation behind closed doors? >> well, i think we are going to move you make -- somes excellent points you see obviously, listened carefully to folks around the country. but i think we are going to the public hearings phase that is important. so i think we are going to go to move from behind in the closed hearings and that is important. i think the country is split, i think you are right. i mean it is about a split. but there is a -- a pretty substantial moderate difference that people do support an inquiry into what happened. people are clearly concern about this. it is a -- a matter involving
8:12 am
directly our democrat and election system people are concerned they want to get to the bottom of it, hopefully that is what these public hearings will do, hopefully they will be conducted in a fair and straightforward margin. dagen: one quick thing in term of people made up minds in fox news poll came out sunday should president trump be he impeached removed from office 41% said nots intoovpd those opposing impeachment 57% said nothing can change their minds, that was more than half of people already, opposed to impeachment. nothing, good luck to the democrats on that. maria: yeah. >> there is no question, that -- our -- our nation is more polarized than ever that is not good in my judgment. maria: yep. >> from a anybody of fronts, that is going to play out the in hearings going to play out the in 2020 election. i think, that goes back maria to your point about vice president biden's call for civility and his sharp words for senator warren, i think
8:13 am
we've seen buttigieg, senator klobuchar again to takes somewhat similar approach i think you are seeing a moderate side of the dmashth party in play in primary. >> leadership is with progressives it feels like with perez a moderate or does tom perez want elizabeth warren at the head table? head of the table? >> well having been a former state party chairman, on national committee tom perez should be neutral he is the chairman of the overall party should not weigh in either way. i think -- >> but you wonder what a moderate like a tim will ryan couldn't get past go you've got all moderates just don't respect, what are they doing with tulsi gabbard right now right progressives seem fighting with progressives. >> let's see how all that plays out maria you had a big field you had governor hickenlooper.
8:14 am
>> californianing -- >> you see vice president biden running as centrist as others including senator klobuchar, great to see you thank you we will be right back, stay with us. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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8:17 am
resonating. voters in tucson arizona rejecting plans to become a sanctuary city big story. >> tucson overwhelmingly red lighting initiative to become arizona's firsts sanctuary city first supported by pro immigrant grupz heavily criticized for restricting police officers the mayor and city council all democrats, said the plan risks public safety put millions of state and federal funding efforts tucson will not be as sanctuary city airbnb in new jersey voters provocative restrictions is on airbnb short term rental companies concerned about rising rebutted quality of life
8:18 am
issues airbnb to go pub next year take a look shares h-p sharply higher right here in premarket, up 7.6% on reports that xerox may make an offer for the company "the wall street journal" reporting xerox cash and stock bid would be premium to h-p 27-billion-dollar market cap, says there -- discussed the possibility yesterday so far, there is no word on if it will go through, they will follow through. and video to show you one lucky student at oklahoma university game last night making the shot of a lifetime! sinking a half-court shot, and winning a full year's tuition in the process -- you think that is impressive in order to get to the half-court shot, the student first had to make a layup a free throw, three-pointer in 30 seconds, he did that just under the buzzer now one year free, half-court hero.
8:19 am
maria: i love it. >> four years free. >> you are right, coming up trump organization executive vice president donald trump, jr., will join me onset breaking down yesterday's key election results from it means nor 2020, the billionaire brew ceo admits bad judgment in investment in wework. >> apple apple john selling a slice of stock we will tell you why next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ downtown -- ♪ way down ♪ the magic moment. congress really democratized wall street... i wanted to have a firm that wanted to get everybody in. because people couldn't access wall street. we wanted to be agents of change. for the better.
8:20 am
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maria: welcome back the softbank vision fund reportedly lost 4.7 billion dollars, due to massive losses
8:23 am
of wework, softbank funder, blaming his quote really bad judgment for the rightdown another softbank darling uber down this morning ahead of bell new lows yesterday following disappointing third-quarter earnings today lockup of early investors las stock down again 3 1/2%, as you can see, there joining us right now the founder of cad investments, chairman cio christopher good to have you on the program thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to be hesh thanks for having me. >> your reaction to these big, two downers losers for softbank, wework, pretty dramatic uber as well. >> it is one of those things got a little bit too big for britches we work with did i model from the beginning don't have a lot of -- uber great business model but, clearly, a little bit of a developmental
8:24 am
phase company to go to be very sufficiently long term head licensed with work off coming up good but not great. >> do you think that if possible people will start, pulling their money out of softbank based on -- these are two big mistakes, two big blunders, recommend shakes the confidence of the investors in softbank. >> you know it does. but, you know, that is company has a long history of a logo lot of success, so you know, is is this a stub of toe absolutely will some investors look at it from a little bit more short side view absolutely, but, you know, they've proven ability to do very well over time. and so i think the vast majority of investors have a longr term horizon many look past a couple mistakes, and overall bigger picture of success. >> chris this is jack brewer do you think that this will be the case for other banks in as you look kind of across the financial industry do you think this is a broader concern, or is this something that is more avenue one-off?
8:25 am
>> you know, i think more of a one-off i think the industry as a whole is subject to you know, a a little bit of a reality check, i think we have gotten that here over last six monthsor so i think what will happen is that is good actually for investors long term i think good for companies, that are seeking capital, i think it is something to where we ub rationalize behavior changing dramatically as a culture technology revolution not going away as a result long-term a good hiccup in past to very good long-term result. >> you've got three decades experience in alternates traditional investments how are you allocating expect a right now. >> we are basically investors of monday find what we want open up, up to other people alongside now very difficult to get excited about public market because of valuation,
8:26 am
that said this is very strong old addage don't fight tape holds true market wants to go higher i think there will be sectors that do well, for the most part we see the opportunities, in basically, long term thematic opportunities such as the growth of private equity as asset class, thank you know transportation revolution and disruptive technology most of the time better to participate in those in private markets than public markets but we are seeing opportunities in both places. maria: all right. we will leave it there christopher thank you, coming up trump organization executive vice president donald trump, jr., take on tax flight to florida as his father delays are sunshine state new home whether are not he will follow suit. >> papa john reactionary to departure of the company cfo back in a moment. ♪ i am free ♪
8:27 am
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check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, november 6 top stories w8 a.m. east coast markets this morning adding on to yesterday's record-setting performance take a look, dow industrials right now up -- 32 points high of the morning with dow 27452. on top of another record-setter yesterday the s&p up this morning two and a quarter points nasdaq higher by 7 points take a look at yesterday dow, nasdaq closed unchartered territory dow industrials and s&p 500 i'm sorry dow and nasdaq higher at new highs, european indices following the u.s. higher this morning, ft 100 up 4 1/2 points cac quarante in paris up 24, dax in germany higher by 26. in germany we did have economic data out this
8:31 am
morning, there was a rebound in orders for september demand up 1.3% higher than expectations, in asia overnight, take a look at marks fairly flat mostly higher across the board. >> top story this half an hour election night in america, key races across the country yesterday most results are in, republicans retained control of the governor's mansion in mississippi, democrats won both houses in virginia, governor's race in kentucky too close to call president trump weighed in this morning tweeting out this the president writes based on the kentucky results mitch mcconnell will win big in kentucky next year joining me trump organization executive vice president author of the new book triggered how left thrives on hate wants to siel ns us, donald trump, jr., here great to have you thanks for being here. >> first let's talk about elections yesterday, your father already talked about what it means for mitch mcconnell what do you think is this any indicator in terms of the 2020 election, now that
8:32 am
we're we ares there less than a year awisconsin. >> see main 12r50e78 media jumper often governor's release did you know by 17 points let's not forget recently, and matt bevin good friend i that i good governor picked a lot of fights very controversial in that state, that is a state had one i think republican governor in 50 years, so the media trying to latch on to that like this is it is over for trump now total nonsense they literally swept, every other race, you know the ag race first african american ag in kentucky, winning as a republican, all of these things i don't think that has anything to do with 2020 i think mitch is going to be fine there looking good for us based on everything else you are talking about economically otherwise. >> i don't know what voters how voters react to impeachment process as well the house releasing two transcripts ofkey winsdz u.s. ambassador to eu gordon
8:33 am
sondland revising statement saying american ag to ukraine was linked to investigations another to kurt volker said no quid pro quo said he raised concerns over roll of rudy giuliani in u.s. ukraihe relati getting some looks at some things happening in tim loved everything -- >> my father only person transparent in this process here is the transcript read it! he literally put it out democracy in in dies in darkness according to washingtonpost no problem with adam schiff three years lying to american people said he has seen evidence of clks magically no one else has seen that, in plain sight where is it? come on! the guy judge, juryy constitutioner calling witnesses coaching in there republicans are not allowed to ask a question going to decide low gets to the public forum, let's not kid ourselves this
8:34 am
impeachment inquiry started november 9, 2016 day my father one thinked untechable took on establishment the chosen one beat hillary clinton probably weakest candidate in more than history he delivered on all promises he said economy stuff you do that every day there is not a single economic metric where we are not better off today that is because of his policies, cutting regulations, allowing businesses to thrive job creation for ever demographic african american hispanics, women, all-time high noubs for entrepreneurial start-up businesses also same demographics, what do they talk about? nothing don't even talk about it they don't talk about the xh i they can't fight on it, they talk about donald trump's twitter don't talk about china as threat joe biden says china not a threat not a chaen when son getting 1.5 billion from china obviously, they are not a threat this is craziness we are up against, you have elizabeth warren -- you know, who is entire life based on a
8:35 am
lie won 1h 1/1024 native american should get full credit for that imagine the judgment to say we got dna test you get it back say hey that is a win, one to -- maybe, and that is the win she comes up with a 52 trillion-dollar plan, maria over 10 years, that is five trillion a year in change about 90% u.s. government revenue, to eliminate -- they are not responsible ideas! the media no, no, no this is wonderful. maria: you say you can come out with 52 there almosted plan not raise taxes. >> as nooinine will do anythingo cover for democrats i have soon that number two target over the mueller hoax, we also have that -- i got to have a front row seat to political history, i then got to be part of the viciousness of the left i see media bias was time to
8:36 am
write that book, you know to write the business book you should write a book about business my dad got that covered. >> will voters move in that direction will they see what is going on in connection with them of the media will they see what is going on in terms of adam schiff making up that parody sat down with hearing in terms of ukraine call sand -- >> i think without question, i have spent a lot of time in mil america son of a rich guy from new york city i spent is a lot of time with hobbies all over country democrats coming up to me i am a glat built i wish i just -- let him do this is job what american people voted him in to do, by the way, doing it, despite, unprecedented incoming no president has taken this kind of nonsense coming in i any they see through that nonsense through the smoke and mirrors the bias. maria: you say you have been spending a lot of time across the country i see you at rallies, with kimberly, and i want to know because you look like a candidate are you going to run for mayor of new york city. >> no, no interest in that whatever my only.
8:37 am
>> do you have any interest in political aspirations. >> i like politics the game my only focus is father for 2020 he go the into politics 68 i got plenty of time i don't know what i want -- >> look at new york criticism about you know de blasio, i mean we've got massive upset in terms of crime in terms of crime rising in terms of inmates being let out -- >> criticized for -- >> i have no interest in being mayor of new york that would be my idea of political hell. >> -- >> maybe in time, but not at the moment my only focus, is i trump 2020 because i see the results, i see what is happening i want to make sure that continues for the benefit of all americans. >> i thought interesting when president trump, announced that he is going to change the place of his residence you have had a house in florida anyway you've got, the business in florida but he is fighting political differences, and taxes, as reasons to move are you going to do the same are you going to have your residence in florida. >> it is a little harder kids are here right now reality is
8:38 am
this, you know the positionso politicians here have done nothing to promote business how do we we more woek -- raised taxes scared away tens of thousands of people producers from new york, i love watching cuomo, what is trump done for new york i don't know look at skyline? what have you guys done for new york, honestly, ask viewers name one accomplishment, of cuomo, de blasio schumer a positive thing for new york you are literally can't name one there is not a person if america can't nainl a part of the skyline that trump has built and changed, if you are pushing those people away the people who are creating jobs, who are creating the tax base, don't forget the guys paying the majority of the insane taxes you pay in new york why would any stay there. >> governor cuomo in response to your dad moving out said good riddance. >> that is momentum good riddance great who is going to pay for all your asinine programs writing checks because they can there is no
8:39 am
accounting creating debt. >> are you worried about 900 prisoner being legality out it is instain! come on maria! , of course, my father done prison -- reform they are saying we don't have pays we want to be pc let them out this is dumbest thing i have seen in the world. >> how did it map mainstream i can't becaming sort of arm of democrat party your new book trigger how left you thrives on hate wants to silence us. why did you write this how much focused on media seem to drive a buzz a lot this have. >> big part is jeed no question always left-leaning totally eliminated notion pretense of object rejecttivity, al-baghadi leader of issis you in one target pompeo first thing when we cook over, trump wander to get him the guy doused people with gasoline lit them on fire he is austere religious
8:40 am
fiscalar according to "washington post" "new york times" follows up about the dog chased them down the tunnel they fact check to see if a my father really gave medal of honor to a dog even though it had a paw fact checking anything that trump does, the lens that they will look at through try to turn into negative you can a turn murderedous raping there you go into austere religiousous fiscalar that is disgusting i experienced it after 30 hours of testimony in fronts of congress for all nonsense i as you that hatred they have. >> what are you going to do about it don. >> i am out there now -- >> half of the people believe that the president may have colluded, they are electronically what media spews out there, by the way, they are not focused on ig report kovenlg they are not focused on fact that john durham coming out with his investigation now a criminal investigation, is this whole impeachment inquiry a way to muddy up what actually took place in terms of wrongdoing. >> of course, what has adam
8:41 am
schiff holed comfortable for going to american people he three years saying i have evidence no one else has seen no accountability they are fine with process in basement adam schiff jury judge executioner americans see through it a big part what i am doing is going around the country speaking about it i wrote a book about it because i have seen it fierce handed,i watched them try to throw me in jail if i took biden hunter for taking advantage of his fathers's position i get it son of rich guy from new york have father's last name i understand that we gave up doing international business deals new deals forward when thie father took off the hunter biden bake international business american 83,000 dollars a month no show job business he knows nothing about language he doesn't speak kwauls equivalence of hunterbind media thing put him on right now difference what is going on as relating to positions i
8:42 am
would be happy to do it. >> do you travel on air force one with your father when he has to go to other countries, and -- and do dealings with them. >> i don't do business we stopped doing our international business deals. >> you stopped that. >> -- before, when he won nomination we came out said we will not do -- we have contractual obligations. >> his father on air force 2 with joe biden. >> what would with immediate do if i went on air force one with my fathinternationally cam back from china with 1.5 blnldz do you think i would be off limits if thrown out of native two weeks for testing positive with cocaine like hunter biden do you think if i got a job at nbna where joe biden is senator writing about favorable tax legacy for bank imagine complooe through ranks do you think that would be a story. >> also dwaif up business to work in white house.
8:43 am
>> media will take to attack her saying patents filed for patsens in 2010 other people in china trying to use her name to create business of her own, ivanka was international businesswoman this her own right stopped doing that starts a process, almost a district of columbia ago to o protect name likeness trying to say she is taking advantage of this this is hypocrisy that is immediate false equivalency i can say they will take parts i point out differences where i acknowledge again i am here because of my father and many i don't hide totally ignore that say you are same as hunter biden give mebreak sl sl what they tried to do to ivanka disgusting when i watch about liberals try to do this to her three years same people would have killed to have their daughters turn out like ivanka trump they invited ivanka to everyone parties second she worked in conservative administration all of a sudden, we are going to pretend these things are
8:44 am
not true. >> it is very important to point out that you and your brother and your sister both stopped doing international deals stopped doing business, when your father became president. >> we have contractual obligations for detail started in 2012 how it works. >> in book you talk about summer spent in czechoslovakia, where you were able to see communism and socialism, at its best quick on that here is part of the book i mean when i say left taking socialism and communism as mainstream not a from an hjella. >> my mom escaped from that skun from that system boats go one way from that i say i got to experience my grandfather blue collar electrician in detail in the book i have been waited in breadlines not so wonderful. >> if in fact, elizabeth warren is the nominee. >> it gets destroyed, our -- incompetence going with woek agenda high tax credits
8:45 am
government every inspect of your life doesn't work i have seen what those systems do there is no people in venezuela cuba soviet union coming here saying hey bring those systems here -- bernie elizabeth joe all those guys this can it is wonderful. >> congrats on the book we'll be right back. as a struggling actor,
8:46 am
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8:49 am
>> gets me worried maria i would like to invest in this kind of new disruptive up and coming industry. but i see the regulators coming down hard as you said yesterday in jersey city, a local oranges passed places quite severe restrictions is on airbnb rentals, they don't like outsiders coming in, buying up apartment blocks using them as semi hotels, but not paying hotel kind of taxes, they don't like the noise the traffic, so here come regulations to hem in airbnb i want to invest in this kind of company i admire what it is doing i think that some form of regulation is required. i don't know what but some form of regulation will be okay but if you overregulate, if you push them out, if you push them towards unprofitability, you are throwing the baby out with bathwater i don't want to could that i think same true
8:50 am
of uber a great shame we should be clamping down so heavily on these up and coming brl innovate companies that have a place in our society that is where i am coming from. >> i that i great angle you have more ten minutes 9 a.m. earn after "mornings with maria" jane stuart papa john founder john schnatter selling a slice of stock reactionary to departure of the company cfo, he will get into, back in a minute. t. rowe price experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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maria: welcome back papa john's reporting third-quarter earnings this morning company missed on earnings per share beat revenue expectations also announcing a shake-up at the
8:54 am
top chief financial officer dpashth next year, joining me right now telephone is the founders of papa john's john schnatter john good to talk with you again thank so much for joining me. on the phone: good morning, maria. maria: ways your take on company you sell more than a third of remaining stock valued 107 million dollars, people physical they didn't treat you very well you created this company, why you selling now? on the phone: well, i feel there is no reason to be in the car when the car crashes, even if you love the car. said another way maria 'rithmetic not an opinion why would you or i or anybody -- shares of a company going backwards at 50 p/e the arithmotic doesn't work. >> you don't want to be in the car when it is going to crash how is this car going to crash? >> well, i think it comes down to mathematics if you put some other leading restaurant
8:55 am
companies pes at a papa john's in high end of the range 1.20 that is 30 dollars a share not 50 dollars a share. maria: and what has occurred, to have this deterioration in your view. >> as we talked about last time if you don't have your principles you have nothing. papa john's has abandoned the fundamental principals of transparency integrity mutual respep loyalty to franchisees to suppliers, win-win-win everybody has to win franchisees have to win shareholders have to win employees have to win, and the -- the biggest issue of papa john's has is units economics. with cheese 2.15 a pound i think, trend on comps negative nine, tremendous pressure on
8:56 am
until he sales i.t. comedies pressure on communicates i think why missed opening number. >> ally do you think shake-up management changes cfo stepping down reaction? >>. on the phone: the company is conflict of interest about being being inconsistent every quart new bob lynch new shaquille o'neal now a change in the crust reason to change things case what they are doing not working they are knee-jerking guessing that is not healthy. >> we will be watchingch watching the situation stock up 3 and two-thirds% i know we have had a long conversations, about what is happening in papa john's before we will keep watching thanks for calling in see you soon sir john schnatter joining you founder of papa johns final thoughts from our all-star panel when we come back.
8:57 am
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maria: all right. welcome back. we've got final thoughts real quick. anybody? dagen? >> my prayers go out to the folks in haiti right now. they are living in very extreme conditions. i mean, people are being chopped up in the streets and they have no food. god bless them. maria: thank you for that. have a great day, everybody. thanks for joining us. "varney & company" begins right now. stu, take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. headline, the market will likely open at new record highs again. we will get to that in just a moment. okay. we are going to start with the election results. here we go. first off, kentucky. the democrats claim victory in the governor's race but the republican governor bevin has not conceded. a last minute rally by the president did help republicans win five of six races in kentucky, including the election of kentucky's first black attorney general. he is a republican. in virginia, the democrats have taken full control of the state legislature. new gun control measures are now expected there. perhaps more relevant to all


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